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SunStar Herbs

SunStar Herbs is a family owned and operated farm
dedicated to the old idea of sustainability; producing much
of our own food and medicine and trading the excess for
goods or dollars to purchase whatever we cannot produce.
We grow many varieties of native and naturalized herbs
appropriate to our arid environment (see  Plant List).
We do this without the use of chemicals or any commercial
fertilizers. Most of our products are created and processed
here on our own 40 acres due west of Madrid, New Mexico,
and east of the Santo Domingo reservation.
We live off the grid and down a rough five mile dirt road.
 Visitors are welcome, please call before you come out  (505 699-2688), 
 or E-Mail us, SunStarHerbs@Yahoo.com.
Our sage smudge sticks are wild-crafted each year in the fields of
  Taos, New Mexico in June and July. We are now selling a certified Organic Mugwort Moxi stick which works great for sore muscles and is also relief
from sinus congestion and related headaches. Our certifird Organic catnip cat toys are a wonderful gift for anyone who values their kitty.
They are sewn on solar power, hand stitched and
hand designed, each one an individual.
Our young orchard of Jujubes do well for us here in the hot
desert and despite the drought are continuing to grow and produce.
Jujubes are a very important Chinese herb used in
many tonics simply for their synergistic qualities.
A Medicinal Wine is made from the fruit for Longevity.
Our goats have been a central part of our lives for almost as
long as we've lived out here (26 years). They provide
us with our milk, cheese, yogurt, and meat needs and
are more nutritious and delicious than any you will find in the
supermarket as they are unpasteurized and whole,
the way food was meant to be consumed.
We sometimes have milkers and kids for sale,
call or E-Mail to check on what we've got in stock.