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SunStar Goats

Goats are the perfect family animal. They are small, easily handled and produce a quantity of quality materials from milk and cheese to meat and mohair. Goats are a valuable animal to have around as they can cover most if not all of your dairy and carnivorous needs. We make a soft spreading cheese using the yellow berries of our local vegetable rennet, white horse nettle.  Flavoured with garden fresh herbs, New Mexico's fine green chiles, or simply natural plain under olive oil, our cheese is full of flavour and vitality. Our buttermilk is quite tasty as well, we consume a lot of this cultered milk with meals. It is very soothing to the stomach. A great desert dessert taste is achieved by mixing honey with the natural cheese. Every spring and fall (when it is cooler and the milk creamier) we make big batches of yogurt.  If we've been lucky in addition to plain they are filled with harvested fruits and of course, honey!
Goats make good buddies for horses, and other livestock. We keep many goats with chickens, guinea fowl, horse and turkeys in the pen.
This creates a more diverse environment which is better for everyone. 

Goats are very social critters, needing another animal like them for company, so always keep at least two goats rather than one.
Goats have long been utilized for both their vegetation clearing ability (concentrated with fencing) and their land improving soil churning and fertilization under more natural manangement. Goat personalities are generally kind and sweet, making them great pets in general. Though some can be difficult to keep penned like our Superball. Every time she's tossed into her pen she instantly bounces right back out. Caprines can be very capricious, and dogs ravenous so be aware of your fence height. Another consideration, especially if keeping your own full buck (with horns), is the strength of your walls. Some animals can entertain themselves for hours on end with the pleasant vibration recieved 
through the bashing of head against splintering objects.
Super Ball waits for her herd