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Goat Dimples

                                                                            Dimples are the small rounded holes created by
the browsing, fertilizing goat.
These holes are an important aid
for the parched drought stricken soil.
The hardened crust
of Earth formed by little water over time
is punctured and
allows sink holes that bring the water quickly
underground. Goats are some of the best animals for this
because the cloven hoof shape of the foot allows the crust
of the soil to remain leaving the sides soft and protected,
much the same way a deer does. In our area especially
deer are rare these days and even cows wander less
extensibly. Goats also provide the benefit of a constant
nutritious flow of nitrogen-rich plant by-product fertilizer
which is readily absorbed by soil and, ultimately, vegetation.
Our goats are currently dimpling the ground in
localities in the area. We have been eating off the land
since August of 2003
, and (thanks to ) we are seeing much
more green in the parched fields. The
gentle winter rains and
rains of summer '06 as well as the snow of winter '06-'07 have aided
us in bringing green useful foliage to the eroded and parched valleys and hills.
The ground
is slowly being broken up and fertilized and is set up pretty 
for another beautiful Spring.

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